Smart Shooter, an Israeli small arms manufacturer, has demonstrated an armed drone capable of shooting down both stationary and flying targets, including other drones.

Target acquisition and algorithm tracking are included in the SMASH Dragon, and its “unique stabilisation concept” allows for precision in-flight hits.

The “very light-weight” device can be fitted on a variety of drones and “other aerial vehicles,” as well as small guns like assault and sniper rifles, and features computer vision capabilities.

System that is based on land, air, and sea
According to The Jerusalem Post, the design has passed live-fire testing and is at a “advanced stage of development.”

Smart Shooter CEO Michal Mor told the outlet that the technology can be used against land, air, and sea-based targets, explaining that keeping its weight low helped the company achieve endurance and cost targets.

“When it comes to drones, platform weight is a critical factor as it impacts mission endurance and cost, and we are proud to announce that the extremely lightweight SMASH Dragon meets this criterion.”

Heavier Version
Moreover, the company has also unveiled a vehicle-mounted remote-controlled weapon station, SMASH Hopper, capable of hitting moving land-based and aerial targets, day or night, from a distance of over 300 meters (984 feet).

A safe trigger mechanism, automatic scanning, and target detection are all included in the 15-kg (33-lb) version. It can be used on both armored trucks and flying platforms.

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