According to business authorities, the Akamikaze unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which will be used to counter and eliminate other drone-borne threats, successfully completed its maiden flight and will be ready for sale at the beginning of 2022.

The Fedai product was developed in collaboration with Turkish military sector enterprises. At the SAHA EXPO Defense and Aviation Hybrid Fair, conducted by SAHA Istanbul, many variants of the Fedai capable of launching from single and multiple launch systems were built and presented.

The drone detection and destruction system developed by Havelsan and Transvaro includes the UAV.

After the successful maiden flight, G├╝ray Ali Canl, a member of Transvaro’s executive committee, informed Anadolu Agency (AA) that they began receiving interest from all around the world.

“We started making Fedai out of carbon.” The first ten cars have been phased out of production. The multi-launch version that is mounted on the vehicle is in more demand. This model has been prepared by us. “In a team of five vehicles, we offer the international market a concept in the form of a truck with three launch systems, one command control, one radar, jammer, and thermal camera system,” he explained.

According to Canl, they have begun developing a model that can reach altitudes of up to 5,000 metres in response to demand for the product from a Southeast Asian country (16,404 feet).

“We named it the Fedai 102,” a business spokesperson stated, emphasising that testing is still underway.

He said that it is equipped with a thermal camera, day camera, and LIDAR (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging), making it “the first and only such device in the world with this feature.” He went on to say that the unique wing folding system had been patented.

It also has a radar, camera control, and LIDAR scanner system, according to Canl.

The UAV is currently launched from the launch tube, but the company is working on a model that can be launched from the shoulder.

“These preparations are being made for aeroplanes that fly short distances without the use of radar.” Our research and development (R&D) projects are still in full swing. “Every day, we improve the Fedai,” Canl remarked.

A new factory has being built

Canl stated that the Fedai on its own is not adequate and that consumers should consider the entire system, DROKA, also known as the drone killer, and that the first versions of the device will be available for distribution in January or February 2022.

“This contains a multitude of devices, ranging from a thermal camera to a radar, as well as a jammer and other equipment.”

Because of a global shortage of integrated circuits and electronic components required in radars, the price of germanim used in thermal cameras has risen by up to 50%, according to Canl. As a result, the business has set up a separate radar facility in central Yozgat province to build the Fedai.

The factory is scheduled to open in the new year.

“Customers want to employ Fadai as a low-altitude air defence system not just to take down UAVs and drones, but also to fire down low-flying helicopters and propeller planes,” Canl added, describing the distinctions between Fedai 101 and Fedai 102.

“It was for this reason that a request for 5,000 meters was submitted. It stands a little taller, with a larger battery and engine. In addition, we’ve increased the size of the warhead. It has the same diameter but differing wing lengths. Our launchers have been expanded. The same launcher can fire both Fedai 101 and Fedai 102, although the latter has more speed and airtime, as well as more powerful batteries,” he explained.

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