The survey, which took three years to complete, is considered one of the largest of its kind in India. The poll was completed quickly thanks to the use of current technology.\

NEW DELHI: The defence ministry announced on Sunday that it had completed a survey of nearly 18 lakh acres of defence land spread across 4,900 pockets across the country for effective land use and planning, as well as preventing encroachments, in what is being dubbed one of India’s largest such surveys.
The three-year exercise, which included satellite and drone footage, was completed. While 1.61 lakh acres were surveyed in 62 declared cantonments, approximately 16.38 lakh acres were surveyed outside of cantonments and military posts.

“For the protection of the defence land, maintaining the title of the defence ministry, updating land records and maps, and preventing encroachments, clear delineation and boundary survey of defence lands and setting of the boundaries is important,” the ministry said in a statement. The survey began in October of 2018.

A total of 18,000 acres of land is either state rented or planned for deletion from defence records due to transfer to other government departments, out of the 16.38 lakh acres outside cantonments.

“Drone imagery-based survey technology was employed for the first timeā€¦ Aside from that, a satellite imagery-based survey of various defence land pockets was carried out for the first time,” the report stated. In collaboration with the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, 3D modelling techniques for better visualisation of defence land in hills were implemented, according to the statement (BARC). The poll was completed quickly thanks to the use of current technology.

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