The Apple drone patents hint at a new technology that allows for in-flight control of an unmanned aerial vehicle to be transferred across devices.

Apple has filed two new drone patents, indicating that the corporation is looking into novel ways to control unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The new patents were submitted outside of the United States, namely in Singapore. According to reports, Apple’s move could indicate that it was attempting to hide the patent from being discovered readily. Nonetheless, Patently Apple discovered two patents related to technology that aid Apple’s drone efforts.

The first patent in question proposes a method for transferring control of a drone from one controller to another while it is in flight. As a result of this technology, Apple may be looking for a means to develop software that can relay drone control from one controller to another, allowing a drone’s overall range to be increased without the controller having to go alongside it on the ground.

The second patent envisions a cellular network on board a drone, together with a UAV traffic control system (UTM). According to this patent, the UTM might act as a central controller, allowing for automatic decision-making when switching drone movement from one controller to another via an integrated cellular network on the drones. According to the patents, it is not an essential indicator of an Apple drone, but rather potential software control, with Apple supplying APIs to drone makers to enable control through its devices.

A move like this would also seem sensible, given Apple’s current concentration on professional photography and videography. Apple may encourage professional producers to utilise its products by integrating drone control into them, such as an iPhone or iPad, and provide practical use cases like managing a cinematic drone camera across a vast area with smooth controller switching.

Of course, all of this is simply hypothetical. As we’ve seen in the past, an Apple patent does not guarantee an Apple product. The buzz surrounding Apple automobiles has also revealed that the business is more focused on developing software for everyday items than than arbitrarily expanding its capabilities into new areas. However, the notion of an Apple drone isn’t completely ruled out — at least until the company confirms it.

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