Multicopter drones are typically thought of as aircraft with four or more rotors. The V40 agricultural drone takes a different technique, tilting two rotors to extend range and enhance spraying effectiveness.

For greater performance, the XAG V40 agri-drone has only two rotors.

The modular V40, made by Chinese manufacturer XAG, includes a 16-liter (4.2-gal) herbicide/pesticide liquid tank, a 25-liter (6.6-gal) granular container for seeds, and two folding arms, each with one rotor (a set of two rotor blades) on top and a spray nozzle on the bottom.

By altering the distribution of thrust between their four or more fixed-angle rotors, regular multicopter drones can move forward, backward, left, and right. The V40 only has two rotors, but it compensates for this by electronically tilting them fore and aft in relation to the arms.

The V40’s body is made of carbon-reinforced polymer and is water-resistant to IP67 standards.

This technique, according to XAG, uses far less energy than standard multicopter systems. A comparable “bicopter” built by Zero Zero Robotics is claimed to be able to fly for 50 minutes on a single charge, though the business hasn’t supplied any numbers on battery range. Most quadcopter drones, on the other hand, have a maximum flight time of roughly 30 minutes.

Additionally, XAG claims that because the two nozzles are located directly below the two rotors, the resulting downdraft distributes the sprayed liquid in a more focused, concentrated pattern than would otherwise be possible. This means that less of the chemicals are wasted, as they aren’t randomly blown all over the place.The V40’s body is made of carbon-reinforced polymer and is water-resistant to IP67 standards.

The V40 begins by flying over a field, mapping out its boundaries and geographical features using internal GPS and a downward-facing terrain radar module. It then uses that information to undertake autonomous spraying or seeding runs, with the help of a forward-facing radar system to avoid any potential obstructions. If desired, users can use a radio remote to assume manual control.

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