Make in India’ startup to manufacture 1000 drones for agriculture

Drones will aid farmers in maximizing farm output and profit. The firm aims to assist farmers in moving away from manual pesticide, water, and fertilizer spraying on crops in order to save time, water, and resources while also boosting the agriculture industry.

Our founder visited with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and briefed him on our intention to build 1000 drones in the coming month. “With the use of drones, we’ll be able to save time, water, and resources, and move beyond manual spraying,” said Ram Kumar, Vice President, Garuda Aerospace.

“Spraying with drones provides a number of advantages. The first is that spraying an acre manually takes three to four hours, whereas employing a drone takes only ten minutes. It reduces the amount of water needed, as well as the number of pesticides used per acre “Garuda Aerospace Vice President Ram Kumar remarked. Drones will help to protect crops from pests in a timely manner, save time for crop scouting, lower total farm production costs, and ensure high yield and quality crops.

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